Free Weekly Movies!

Miss out on a blockbuster hit all your friends got to see in the theater? Or was a movie so good you just have to see it again? Well, we’ve got something great for you.

Every Friday and Saturday, the UCPC shows a recent blockbuster movie on campus before the it hits the DVD shelves.

Blockbuster Movie (not out on DVD):  $0
Freshly popped popcorn: $0
Chance to win giveaways: $0
Attending a UCPC-UCinema Night: Priceless!!!

So bring your friends and enjoy movies, popcorn, and prizes every week.  Did we mention it’s FREE?

Check Calendar for dates, times and locations.
*All titles subject to change.*

8 comments on “Free Weekly Movies!

  1. shana says:

    you should show the movie “the bourne legacy”!

    • Justin Dodson says:

      Hey Shana, do I have some good news for you. The UCPC took your advice and included “The Bourne Legacy” into our line up! When we first made the list over the summer we orginally wanted to show this movie as well but were unable to because of scheduling conflicts. But since you reminded us about it, we saw there were scheduling updates and now fixed our movie lineup accordingly =)

  2. laura mazin burguete says:

    what is the phone of the place or office to ask for places where the movie is going to be

  3. Keeley Cooper says:

    You guys are awesome! much appreciation for having UCinema nights!

  4. him says:

    Are non-UTSA students allowed to attend?

    • UCPC says:

      Yes! Non-UTSA students are allowed to attend. All that we want to remind non-UTSA participants is that the event is paid for by UTSA student fees. In the event that we are filled to capacity, we may have to limit to UTSA students only.
      We hope to see you there!

      UCPC Advisor

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